Cupid Undie Run Recap

There’s no other way to say it, this winter has been nothing short of depressing. With bitter temperatures and seemingly never ending snow, it seems as if spring will never be here. Saturday helped brighten the winter blues a bit as I ran the Cupid Undie Run with a few coworkers in Pittsburgh.

My boss had brought the idea up months ago. It took a small bit of time (and some convincing) but we gathered a team of ladies and began fundraising. There are only a few clever ways to convince others that you know to run through the streets of Pittsburgh in their skivvies. However, we succeeded.

The Cupid Undie Run supports the Children’s Tumor Foundation in an effort to help those children battling neurofibromatosis. There are events held throughout the day inside the venue, which helps everyone stay warm, and the race is held in the middle of the festivities. Pittsburgh’s event was hosted a Buckhead’s Saloon in Station Square. A majority of runners there had some sort of connection to the cause while others were excited to raise money for a good cause.


We bundled up Saturday morning after a week of pumping ourselves up that Pittsburgh will be a heat wave compared to our consistent below 10 degree weather. We road tripped. We enjoyed ourselves (safely). We ran.


Then we warmed up because running in superhero attire in the middle of February is still freezing.


It was a great event for a great cause. I always participated in Relay for Life while in Slippery Rock and love participating in events which benefit children, especially if it allows me to dress as Batman. Credit to my boss for documenting the day in pictures since no one believed we were really running. I don’t believe the race was a mile but that might also be the marathon training talking:) It was a quick course over a bridge and back to Station Square.

Thanks to the Cupid Undie Run organizers and volunteers for putting on a great day. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette wrote an article on the event which can be read here


I have a least one race every month from now until September and couldn’t be more excited. Next on the calendar is the St. Patrick’s Day Distance Festival 10k in my good ol’ hometown … which is a snowy tundra.


One day weekends are for the birds


I started my morning off with some interval/speed work utilizing the option on my Nike+ GPS watch that allows me to use intervals. The watch has two separate beeps, one for the run and one for the rest. It was a harsh realization of the work that needs done between now and the Erie Half Marathon on July 21st, as well as the harsh realization that I should have never paused my training when I moved home.

The rest of the day was spent out at my friend’s farm because who needs a day off when you can simply work somewhere else? Being with the summer program, I already work six days a week, but the serenity and peace of the farm is enough to get me out there anyways.


It’s quiet and exactly the thing I need after a six day work week. However, there wasn’t much relaxation as I helped install the front half of the greenhouse roof, weeded the raised garden bed, and cleaned out the chicken coop. My little ladies are getting so big! It’s a slight shame that they’ll probably turn into dinner come winter, but I love seeing them happy and with room to free range.

lil ladies

The more rewarding part of today was my chickens coming to visit me as I cleaned out their coop.

Have a good Monday, all! It’s back to the grind for me and it will be nice if the rain holds off for most of the week. An outside program doesn’t work well in a thunderstorm.

Inconsistently consistent . . . life happens

I may or may not have ran off to North Carolina for the weekend to enjoy my cousin’s graduation from high school and being in the same house as the majority of my family for four days. Beverages were consumed, runs were not completed, and heart-to-heart chats were had around a campfire. It was well worth missing the first two days of my summer job and spending the money that I did a.k.a not a successful way to live inexpensively after graduate school (as in: I probably didn’t need a new leather jacket but it was on clearance so it’s mine).

Z truck Cute dresses were worn, a F-150 was driven (it’s loaded with bells AND whistles), and there was a plethora of country music played (which is slowly, but surely, catching on to my music taste). 

Beverages were also had, in excess and celebration, but this brew, Red Oak, from Red Oak Brewery is one of the best that I’ve had recently. It’s brewed in North Carolina and is made with no preservatives! The shelf life is shorter because there are no preservatives, but it’s completely worth a taste for anyone in the North Carolina area.

red oaks

I also had the chance to meet one of my favorite people while in Bass Pro Shop.

duck dynasty

Or maybe just the cardboard cutout of Jase, of Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty, but who can pass up a chance with a bearded, southern man? There’s chivalry in that water!

Rain, rain, go away

Is anyone else dealing with the severe weather around here? I have absolutely nothing to complain about in the long run, but all the rain is cramping my running style. I feel very lethargic lately and I’m not a fan of it at all, especially since I’m planning on running a half marathon in July. It will be my third time running this route but it’s beautiful and flat . . . so I’m definitely not complaining.

Yesterday was the first carnie event of the season and I spent my day cooking and serving all the delicious food that is normally at fairs. The exception is cotton candy . . . maybe I’ll suggest that. We got hit hard at the end of the night with all the rain and the sky looked both terrifying and beautiful at the same time. I did what I do best which is take an obnoxious number of pictures of it as I love a good sky. My phone takes terrible pictures though so the quality is not up to par.

0601131917 0601131919a 0601132012 0601132016 0601132055

I also got to see a lot of these beauties at the event


I will always find horses to be majestic and magnificent.

Anyone celebrating National Running Day?! I can’t wait to lace up my Nikes and go for a run on June 5th in order to celebrate the sport.