About Carolyn

Hey friends!

I’m a small town girl in the evolutionary journey from student to professional. I have the soul of a runner and the motivation level of a graduate student with too much work and seemingly never enough time. Without this being a self-proclamation type of online journal, I plan on writing about the topics I deem fit whether it be training for my first potential marathon, social work and the journey from student to professional, the environment/sustainability, or other such topics of interest. I post poor quality cell phone pictures as my phone is normally the only camera on hand and, frankly, that’s okay with me at this point in my life.

I love running, but I also love sitting for hours while watching full seasons of my favorite television series. I have spent the better part of the last few years working and studying in order to successfully receive two Bachelor’s degrees and a Master’s degree. In all that time, I have raced in five half marathons and multiple other 5k and 10k races sprinkled around the country. I have more excitement about the chance of having time to focus on running than no longer having write another twenty page paper.

If you’ve ever met me, my passion for working with the youth of the universe, and the importance of preserving the family system, is evident. Being a social worker has given me this chance and I will be hitting the ground running with my first professional position. Some of the greatest folks I’ve met work in the field of social services and their perspectives have each given me a different view of the world we all reside within.

If you sprinkle in the environment and hope of promoting sustainable practices, while hopefully practicing sustainable living to my best effort, immense amounts of ‘pinteresting’, and a love of dogs, there is a general sense of who I am. My family and friends are the most important people to me and I will one day save the world.


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