Building a Base

As I gear up to begin training for the Buffalo Marathon in less than two months, I’ve been working on building a solid base of running. As I’ve never done used this strategy, I’m completing shooting from the hip. My running, in general, is irregular as my gym schedule is heavily based on the time I leave work and the time in which I should be there the next day. Yes, I said gym schedule. I can give those thanks to living near the great lakes. It’s snowing tonight and isn’t supposed to stop much, if at all, so my already cold Thanksgiving “turkey trot” (long run) will also be very snowy.

I have worked on initiating tempo runs into the mix approximately two days a week. This allows some speed work to be done while also lowering the level of dullness that a treadmill brings. This winter appears as if it’ll be a rough one, so the majority of my workouts will potentially be done on the treadmill, except for long runs. My long runs have ranged from four miles to nine miles, depending on time available on the weekend. My Thanksgiving Day goal is for a twelve mile run and it may or may not happen depending on the importance of sleeping in or arriving at dinner on time.

My biggest issue, as always, is my nutrition. While I attempt to make smart choices when I eat, I’m also prone to the worst eating habits of any runner out there. I can’t even make excuses for myself anymore. So if anyone has any tips and tricks, I’d be happy to try them out.

One thing that I would like to point out is that I’m terrified about training for this race, especially with the winter northwestern Pennsylvania will potentially have this year. I continually doubt myself because it be the longest race thus far and a part of me is worried about my IT band and becoming injured. I’ve looked over my training schedule several times and have questioned myself and mostly because I’m beyond terrible at following a training plan. I will almost have to ask someone to help keep me accountable for the miles I need to run. I know how I am after a long day at work when hopping on a treadmill is the last thing on my mind. I can do this though, right? I can do it. I have to keep believing that which is the hardest part.

Random fact of the day: My final chicken has finally bit the dust at the hands of my friend’s dog. It’s time to begin the persuasion of chickens in the spring =)

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