Titling a blog post is the worst.

My favorite holiday has officially come and gone. Why I absolutely rocked my Rosie the Riveter costume at the Dead Milkmen show in Cleveland, it is now time to deal with obnoxious holiday music in every store and gear up for massive amounts of cookies and food.
Part 1: I learned how to make a turkey for the first time today. Which means that I’m slightly more domesticated than I was previously was and will, one day, potentially be able to do it on my own without calling my mother (I’ll probably call her anyways).

Part 2: I registered for the 2014 Buffalo Marathon! It’s on May 25th this year and marathon training begins on January 20th, right in time for the end of holiday deliciousness. I’m going to attempt with keeping my fitness up and working on a general schedule in order to successfully kick training off. I’m going to use the Intermediate Plan from Runner’s World Complete Book of Running which equals to approximately 30 miles a week. I’m excited to train properly though, as I’ve learned how to cheat on my training for half marathons. I’ll be checking in with my progress.

Part 3: Remember my chickens? There’s one lady left and she’s laying eggs like a champ. She has also made the most interesting relationship with the two horses in the barn, and it’s interesting to watch their interactions with each other. It’s a friendship not normally seen, at least not to me, but the chicken has found a sort of protection from the horses.

As far as the title? I fully believe it. I’m not creative enough to title my posts, they are the weakest part of this blog . . . well, other than my non-consistent posts.

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