Confessions of a Part-time Blogger

Being an adult has taken over my, somewhat, valiant attempt at being a blogger and I am here in an attempt to reclaim this slice of internet. I truly wish I had the strategy, success, and humor of the men and women whose blogs I read on a daily basis. These bloggers have been able to enjoy numerous experiences partially because of their blogs, but they also let others into their lives by writing about these experiences and allowing the rest of us (okay, mostly me) to live vicariously through their words. I absolutely enjoy reading OneTwentyFive’s emotional recap of the Chicago Marathon as well as SkinnyRunner and RunEatRepeat’s recap the races of the Runner’s World Weekend, both which are bucket list events for myself.

The reality of it for myself is that I will have to work vigorously to make this blog mildly successful, as I have had to work for my multiple degrees and the position for which I’m employed. I work full time and am beginning a new position on Monday, so I have been busy with the loose ends of my current position and training for my new one (I’m transferring within the agency). I have gotten into the routine of working second shift and going to a 24-hour gym afterward and have become very content with the defined schedule. It’s almost a sense of comfort to work, run, and then head home without questioning my next shift, or wondering if my shift was switched without being notified. It was great during the summer, and college, to drink almost every night and (literally) throw my money away. I severely underestimated the consequences of my actions and am now worried that there isn’t enough in my savings account or that I will never amount to the person I dreamed of becoming. [I fully understand the second part of that statement is false because I’m awesome and love my job/being a social worker.]

Cue defining statement of never leaving this blog for months without a post.  <—  It will, inevitably, happen that I will go months at the time without posting. I do intend to use this as a tool for marathon training; I’m hoping to run a full marathon in April or May of 2014 as long as finances allow for it. I will also be embarking in my first position as a therapist on Monday which will lead to blunders and stories for days, as working with adolescents, and being a first time therapist, often does.

For now? I’m going to focus on  running and getting my IT band into shape for the winter running season.


  Obligatory gym self-portrait after eight miles on the treadmill.


Followed by icing my sore IT bands.

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Licensed Social Worker. Runner. MSSW from the University of Louisville. Clinical therapist at a psychiatric residential treatment facility focusing on the treatment of juvenile sex offenders. Attempting to become domesticated, learn how to cook, and encompassing a passion for running, social work and the environment.