Friday Favorites 8.23.2013

I’ve acquired employment! More importantly, and in normal terms, I got a job! I’ve spent the last several days being in between orientation and shadowing as I learn the ropes and structure of my unit as well as getting to know the clientele. So, this by far is one of my favorite things about this week because a full time position was desperately needed since the summer program ended on Monday. I’m hoping that things continue to look up and that the silver lining is somewhere in my life. I’ve felt pretty lost for a few months but there seems to be a bit more stability in my life. Either that or I’m getting used to the hectic style that my life has become these days.

I often laugh, as my friends laugh along with me, because none of my decisions make sense to them nor does my reasoning behind these decisions. Honestly, I’m all right with that uncertainty in life. I attempted to figure my life out and plan my next step for years and to no avail. It was nothing short of heartbreaking and exhausting, and I feel as if I’ve reached a point where uncertainty is an okay part of my life. I’ve learned, and I’ve definitely learned the hard way, that I can’t plan everything out and, sometimes, I really have to take things as they come at me. It’s not what I thought I wanted, it’s not anywhere near what I thought I would do, but I’m learning how to work through it. At this time, at the age of 25, uncertainty might be a necessity in my life and I need to learn how to embrace it.

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