Friday Favorites 8.16.2013

The last two weeks have been hectic as my niece and sister-in-law have been in town. I love being able to spend time with family and have been soaking up as much time with my niece as possible. It’s also closing time for the summer program and I’m also in the process of beginning a new position at a new agency. As much as I love working with the kids at the program, I’m excited for the steadiness of a full time position. Between work, new work, internship application processes, and getting my head sliced open this week (I needed a cyst removed), there’s been a lot to get my head around. So, here are a few of my favorites for today:

mms_picture_2 (2)
This little guy was dropped off at a shelter Saturday morning. My boss found an animal rescue shelter with a ‘foster’ mother whom had recently delivered a litter of kittens. Rodger was added to the little and will, hopefully, be picked up in five or six weeks as a healthy kitten. We miss him at work, but it’s better for him. I also got approval from my friend to make him a barn cat once I have him back.

An early migration?
mms_picture (2)
These geese managed to close down the pool for two days this week. A closed pool doesn’t mean a day off either, but it does mean that your creativity sharpens when working with the group of kids who need entertained for five hours. Now, we have Mother Nature blessing us with chilly, fall weather so the kids do not want to swim but there’s only so much Capture the Flag that can be played.

Pymatuning Deer Park:
Since Sunday is my only day off, I got to choose where we spent the day and chose Pymatuning Deer Park. This place has seriously grown since the days of my grandparents taking my cousin and I.
mms_picture (1)
mms_picture mms_picture_2

Normally you cannot get this close to any animal unless its in a petting zoo, but these animals were all relatively close in distance unless they cause danger to people. You were able to feed the deer, camels, monkeys, birds, and a whole lot more. I became good friends with this fuzzy fellow:


And I was even able to look awkward while holding a duckling:

The ducks were my niece’s favorite next to the monkeys, or ‘monks’ as she calls them. Pymatuning Deer Park lived up to being a great place for families and children, and it was awesome to be able to have the experience with her.

Have a great weekend! I’m definitely going to enjoy celebrating the summer program ending and my new position beginning.

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