The Question of the Week:

What happens when a couple of members at work bring you a two day old kitten?
You keep it, of course.

More importantly, you become a surrogate mother to this kitten, who doesn’t even have his eyes open, and acquire the help of four or five other staff members whom are equally taken by the cuteness of this creature that appears to be a rat . . . but it’s a kitten. You also continually tell the ten year old who keeps showing up and asking for it that he cannot have it on the basis that he’ll kill it. <— That happened, more than once, and after a lengthy question and answer session on how this child was planning to take care of the other two kittens which he stole from the momma cat.

Check this little guy out:
(Yes, he lived in a milk crate for the first couple days, but, no worries, we’ve updated to a plastic bin complete with a heating pad to keep him warm!)

Continuing our story, as all people uninformed about the methods of taking care of a two day old animal, one of my staff went to the local deli and bought a half gallon of 2% milk which we then fed the cat through a baby’s medicine syringe. We’re resourceful people when it comes to an animal in need. We named him Rodger, partially due to where we work, and have successfully kept him alive for three days. He spends his days at work, usually hanging out/getting fed by whoever is on break, and we rotate who takes him home so that he can be fed and watched overnight.

The best part?! My boss is completely okay with us taking care of him and she even fed him yesterday during a staff meeting. We’ve been trying to find a shelter to take him in, or even someone with a currently nursing female, but there’s been no luck. I refuse to drop him off at the humane society, for fear of him being euthanized. So, it looks like I’ll be continuing my duties as a surrogate mother, which also makes little sense because I’m the one person this kitten doesn’t eat from.

Staff feeding Rodger this morning:

It’s going to be an adventure. We’ve successfully completed Rodger’s family line to include parents, godparents, and even an uncle. Because, you know, that’s what young adults do when they have acquired a baby kitten.

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