Stuck in Limbo

I never thought that the most important aspects of my current situation would be the ambivalent feelings of the summer program ending, thus putting into motion the first time I’ve never been a student/going back to school, and the countdown to college football. I keep attempting to figure out my next step, it’s been a constant since graduation, but have also put myself into this state of limbo, for at least the next four or five months, while I wait to hear about a potential opportunity. Oh, the agony of becoming an adult. Am I allowed to be a professional student?

Have any readers caught onto the Thought Catalog craze? Okay, okay, it’s not a craze by any means and is often less entertaining than any Buzzfeed article or whatever video is posted by your friend’s brother’s cousin. However, being a online magazine that allows for their contributors to write articles on topics they enjoy, while also promoting that the content posted be creative and journalistic. Being in my mid-twenties, a lot of it is relevant to either myself or those that I know. Thought Catalog is open to all viewpoints and opinions, and their ‘About’ section emphasizes the desire to shape today’s culture and empowering others (a.k.a the readers) to share stories and ideas. The little bit of time that I am able to spend on my computer, which is seemingly less by the day, is often spent reading Thought Catalog along with other blogs I read on a regular basis.

I must say though, I miss having time to read books lately. I have about three started and am only making headway on rainy, ‘team-building’ days at work.

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