11 Things 20-Somethings Will Regret Wasting So Much Time On

It’s more than likely due to being in my mid-20’s and knowing others that are stuck on everything this article speaks about, but I feel as if Thought Catalog is on point yet again.

Thought Catalog

We are part of a technology driven, easily offended, often offensive, over-analyzing, emotional generation. These circumstances and characteristics have led us down a path that tends to result in spending excessive amounts of time doing things that aren’t exactly profound. On their deathbeds, people tend to have regrets and ours will likely share a common disappointment in our habitual wasting of time. Here is the early screening of the series finale episode of your life. A preview of the things you’ll feel remorse for when you’re lying there, staring out the window, watching the cars fly by from the 225th story of the Apple iHospice that you’re withering away at.

1. Staring hypnotized at screens as you watch looping Vines & GIFs for a second, third, fourth, fiftieth time.

2. The countless attempts to take a flawless photo. Those perfect bathroom selfies aren’t a one-and-done cakewalk. We’re talking about…

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