Friday Favorites 8/1/13

I honestly cannot believe that it is August. Where has the summer gone? Between work, job applications/interviews, and maintaining a social life I feel as if I never pause and am constantly going. While part of me respects and looks forward to some calm in my life, there is a good part of me that thrives on being able to be constantly on the go. My body pays for it, as I haven’t run in over a week, but I also know that there will come a point where I will be working full time and not able to hang out with my friends as I do now. So, as long as I’m not frivolously spending my entire paycheck in one go, I’m going to enjoy the constant and appreciate the quiet when I get it. Life is about balance and I’m still finding mine. I may be searching for it for a while, but I’m also looking forward to potential job prospects, a potential internship, and the chance to do something that I never dreamed possible.

Without photos (I’ve been slacking), here are some of my favorite things:

My staff.
Time and time again, I’ve mentioned my staff. Between the constantly changing dates for family nights or simply dealing with slow days and their co-workers, they are champions and, as Kris would say, warriors. There’s a lot to say for a staff that goes through a slow day and does not want to hurt someone afterwards. This group of individuals is resilient and able to effectively work with each other and every day challenges. That’s difficult enough in a ten week program but they are able to do it every day.

Chia Seeds.
I’ve had chia seeds before and read about their benefits in terms of diet and appetite suppression. They’re also full of nutrients and health benefits though which is perfect for a girl who doesn’t enjoy the taste of milk unless it’s in cereal and never sometimes doesn’t eat the way I should. I would love to eat clean and organic all the time but the truth of the matter is that my budget doesn’t allow it. Here is an article from Huffington Post and another from Wellness Mama. They include some information about chia seeds and the benefits of adding them into your diet. Maybe this is one aspect of a diet that I will be able to stick to . . . maybe.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I will be working as usual but there’s family coming into town for the next two weeks and I cannot wait to spend time with them. It’s going to be a fantastic day off come Sunday.

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