The process of job hunting: part 2

I must begin this post with some solemn news: my beloved chickens, along with eight others became dinner to a very hungry (or ‘hangry,’ depending on how you’re feeling) coyote the other night. Okay, one of my chickens survived and has since become very friendly but I’m still slightly upset at the coyote that enjoyed my Christmas chicken before I had the chance to do so. I fully understand the circle of life and how nature works in these ways and, truth be told, knowing that my chickens might someday be eaten is the exact reason that I never named them.

Part two of the process of job hunting involves the interim period of time between the initial interview and waiting for the next phone call. I rocked the interview, forwarded my references, and have been patiently waiting ever since. I was told that I would know Friday, but, alas, I still have not heard and will be calling to inquire tomorrow. I’m excited at the potential to have this chance and position and am hoping for the best.

With that being said, having time on my hands to think about the interview means that I have spent more than enough time over-thinking  the entire interview process. Between the short tour, explanation of the program, and group interview, I truly believe that I was able to express my knowledge, desire, and drive for the position. I can also see several instances that should have gone differently than they did. I also forgot to offer my references before the interview closed (rookie mistake) and had to email them later on in the evening after having them been requested. There was a reality check of only having five more weeks of the summer program which means I’ll be unemployed, once again, as of August 17th. It’s crunch time.

I also spent time with one of my best friends this weekend, as any logical person should do when waiting to hear about a potential job. It was a short but much needed trip to Pittsburgh to see this beautiful woman.

mms_picture_2 (2)She has honestly been there for me every step of the way and was ready to send positive vibes and reaffirm my thoughts about the interview, my qualifications, and the chance that it may happen.

We also played 18 holes of disc golf in beautiful Schenley Park on a very hot and humid day. Worth it.

It’s another week of work, children, and figuring out the best way to not drive around everywhere (a fuel inefficient vehicle doesn’t work well with a forty minute commute). I was feeling a bit down after work today and found this sign in Kohl’s.

mms_picture (4)It was a very good reminded of the person I am and helped brighten my spirits about everything. I was also able to find a frame for my specialization certificate and am looking for a custom frame for my diploma (which arrived Saturday!!). 

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