The process of job hunting

There’s something undeniably unjust about the way our education system works these days. You graduate from high school, go to college for four years (or 5), and maybe head to graduate school (because that one school has an awesome program and all your professors explain how easy your job hunt will be with a Master’s degree). Then you move back home, head back to your summer job, and begin a mild, and slow, panic attack as the six month grace period to begin repayment of student loans gets closer.

I am very lucky that I was able to be rehired and placed in a supervisor position for the summer program that I worked at last year. Even though it’s only ten weeks, the youth that attend remember all the staff members and it’s amazing to see how each child has grown. I will also never complain about being able to work outside because I know that, one day, I’ll be in an office and won’t know that the weather in this town went from sunny to storming.

I have a job interview tomorrow. It’s not for my dream job, it doesn’t even necessarily require the degree that I’ve attained. The hours are a little irregular, not quite first shift and not quite second. It’s in the field that I am passionate about though and I am pretty sure that I would love to continue working for the organization. Being able to work with today’s youth is more than enough of a reason for me to be happy with where I might head once the summer program is over. I’ve come to terms (well, kind of) with putting my dream of moving to a different state and achieving my dream job on the back burner. For once in my life, I am more than content with the idea of staying in this city and having a life here for more than twelve weeks out of the year. Maybe that’s part of growing up, maybe there was a greater reason than I thought for declining my first job offer and continuing to apply elsewhere.

If this interview works out for the best, I’m going to investigate options and potential positions that allow me to use my license and attain CEU’s on a part time basis.

Wish me good luck for tomorrow.

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