13 Things I Wish Someone Told Me When I Was Young

Thought Catalog

When I grew up, the message I got was that I should become a good person. The way this goal would be attained was by getting high grades, diplomas, an academic title, and a high paying job. Being good meant being better than others, and this would eventually be reflected by my income. I should always “do my best” and “do things I liked.” Also it was quite clear that there were many things I should not do, like becoming dishonest, dropping out of school, or being lazy and unreliable, to name a few. The focus was on achieving. And — subconsciously — on hiding all the things I wasn’t supposed to be, according to my family, society, and culture.

What nobody told me was that there was something as an inner development, an inner growth. I found out by accident (or by the intervention of grace, whatever you want…

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