Late night, coffee inspired ramblings

Allow me to apologize for the random and pointless blog post that y’all are about to read: 

If only I had an issue to actually ramble about, but, alas, I’m not up for researching and fact checking this late into the evening. I have spent my day off with some great friends and went to the Erie Zoo for the first time since I was in first grade. I’ve lived here all my life, with the exception of college, and have honestly never been to the zoo other than the field trip that every first grade class goes on. I’m sure it was much more exciting when I was seven years old. 

I also spent the past few hours drinking coffee with my right hand lady which means that I won’t be sleeping anytime soon. While I used to be able to drink multiple cups of coffee at night and fall asleep as soon as I got home, graduate school had the opposite effect on me. I was always too exhausted at the end of the night to think of making coffee, especially when I was already curled into a ball in the midst of writing another 20 page paper. There was an evening where I was writing a Psychopathology case study paper and needed a pick-me-up. After drinking two cups, I ended up being awake for over 32 hours which included sitting in class for 9 hours and having to run a 10 mile race the day after. There are other ways to have more fun and feel less terrible, I assure you. 

So, let’s get to business and talk running. Anyone that knows me is aware that I love to run, it’s a staple to my life, but I have absolutely no motivation during the summer. This motivation is even less since I work outside six days a week and have extremely odd hours. I registered for the half marathon in Erie, held on July 21st, back in late May with the anticipation that I would fully train for it, something I haven’t done in a while, and maybe have a personal best. I ran two half marathons back-to-back in April and arrived home with the attitude that I would run a full marathon this fall. I should have known better. Today was my first true training run in roughly two weeks. I’m obviously not truly training for this half marathon but, instead, am following my normal method of running two or three times before conquering the half. I never said I was the brightest but this method has oddly worked several times which is why I continue to do it. 

Let’s go to today’s run. I did 5 miles in the humid, sunny weather and wished that I had not dilly-dallied to get out the door this morning. I also was chased by a dog for the first time ever which is partially the reason for my proposed 7 or 8 mile run to turn into 5 miles and calling my parents for a ride. When a dog the size of a Great Dane begins chasing you, it’s hard to not be constantly paranoid for the rest of the run. I did what any great (or not great) runner would do in that situation which was have a small anxiety attack, scream, and try to get as far away from the massive beast as possible. Luckily, my scream startled the dog and he turned around to head back to his drive way. I’ve done a lot of things while running including, but not limited to, tripping over a giant limb while a truck barreled down a hill next to me and almost getting hit by an elderly woman in a car. I’ve been running since 7th grade and this is my first incident with a dog. I think I’ll stay away from that road for a while. Running routes can change but I would be done if a dog ever bit me while on a run. 

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