While working at the Macoskey Center, part of Slippery Rock University, a documentary titled Your Environmental Road Trip (YERT) caught our attention. We ended up being able to host the producer of the film during a screening and panel discussion that followed.

The intriguing part of the night was being able to speak with the producer during the screening. He brought up the story of Saboteurs and Weibo Ludwig’s war against big oil.


While I have only began to read this book, I believe it’s an important read with the current state of natural gas drilling and the harm that it does to the environment as well as those individuals living around the wells. If nothing else, it’s informative. There is a lot that goes on these days when it comes to natural gas drilling, mountain top removal done by coal companies, and the impact on our environment and our lives.

Living in Slippery Rock, I worked alongside graduate assistants who couldn’t drink water from their faucet due to chemicals from drilling and had heard stories about families being able to light their water on fire. When the importance of natural gas is higher than that of clean drinking water, there is a definite issue, but when will it stop?

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