One day weekends are for the birds


I started my morning off with some interval/speed work utilizing the option on my Nike+ GPS watch that allows me to use intervals. The watch has two separate beeps, one for the run and one for the rest. It was a harsh realization of the work that needs done between now and the Erie Half Marathon on July 21st, as well as the harsh realization that I should have never paused my training when I moved home.

The rest of the day was spent out at my friend’s farm because who needs a day off when you can simply work somewhere else? Being with the summer program, I already work six days a week, but the serenity and peace of the farm is enough to get me out there anyways.


It’s quiet and exactly the thing I need after a six day work week. However, there wasn’t much relaxation as I helped install the front half of the greenhouse roof, weeded the raised garden bed, and cleaned out the chicken coop. My little ladies are getting so big! It’s a slight shame that they’ll probably turn into dinner come winter, but I love seeing them happy and with room to free range.

lil ladies

The more rewarding part of today was my chickens coming to visit me as I cleaned out their coop.

Have a good Monday, all! It’s back to the grind for me and it will be nice if the rain holds off for most of the week. An outside program doesn’t work well in a thunderstorm.

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