Pop Culture’s Treatment of Domestic Violence

Pop Culture’s Treatment of Domestic Violence

In a day where children and adolescents are exposed more to violent video games, movies, and the idea that there is tolerance towards these actions, this article has a valid point. I have nothing against Eminem as an artist, I truly enjoy his music. I’ve also worked with adolescents who believe that it’s okay for them to strike a woman, be disrespectful of elders, and have no manners. I’ve worked with adolescents whose mothers have been afraid of and I’ve seen them escalate to the point of no return. I’ve worked with adolescents who can logically reason their reasons for violence, even those most give the reason of “because I want to.” I’ve met fourteen year-old boys who carry weapons on them on a normal basis and who have been shot, involved in gang activity, and had more loss at 14 than most people have had by their 20’s or 30’s. 

This article from Social Work Helper touches that truth, even in a small amount of words. It’s worth the few minutes that it will take to read. 

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