Friday Favorites 2.0

Happy Friday, everyone. Hopefully, the week has gone by without much hassle and there is an exciting, or at least relaxing and stress free, weekend ahead. I’m slowly learning the do’s and don’ts of being a supervisor and walking the fine line between ‘in charge’ and ‘not a dictator.’ I have a lot of room for growth in the area of assertiveness, so this summer might be exactly what’s needed in order to hone in those skills.

Here are some things that are making my Friday a bit brighter:

This sky encompasses everything that I love about my home town. There’s a lot that I could say about the evening this photo was taken, but I don’t believe it’s necessary. In some ways, I’m still processing events, decisions, and my next step as far as sending out resumes and figuring out the next move.


These little ladies! Despite not being little anymore, this photo is about a month old, these chickens stole my heart. They found a new home this week but it’s all right because a new home in the middle of (literally) nowhere is much better then the possible chance of one getting hit by a car. They also found their way to the neighbor’s house which made their move necessary.

(no picture)

I may have stated this in last week’s favorites, but my staff has truly stepped up to their positions. Sometimes redirection is needed but that’s any work place. It makes my day, and week, to know that I get to spend time with those individuals.

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