25 (Way Better) Rules For Living By A Scrappy Unprofessional 26-Year-Old

Thought Catalog is a favorite, especially for this current list about ways to live.

Thought Catalog

1. Don’t bore people with your philosophies concerning running, your training regime for an upcoming race, your favorite spot to buy those hip toe-shaped shoes, or pictures from the Tough Mudder you just finished. Hearing about running is about as interesting as opening a can of tuna. Unless, of course, you’re running from something scary like a rabid dog or an angry celebrity.

2. Travel wherever you want and spend a lot of money on stupid souvenirs. I once bought a knife with an anchor on the handle from this dinky little truck stop in Arizona and I still use it all the time. Of course, it’s pretty dull and I really only use it when I want to stab my desk to illustrate how upset I am.

3. Hey, if you don’t want to go to…

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