A lot of gratitude in a few (okay, maybe a lot of) words

I don’t think I can fully express the appreciation I have for my staff. Being a first time supervisor, it was definitely a positive when I knew that most of the staff were returning from last year which meant that we were familiar with each other and knew how well we all worked together. The newbie’s for this summer have personalities and work ethics that allowed them to step into the swing of things without missing much of a beat. While most of my friends and colleagues have been hired at full time positions that utilize the Master’s degree we all recently received, I chose to return to my summer program as the site supervisor. I knew that, by doing this, I would be taking a step back from the job search but I would also be able to improve my resume by having supervisor skills. It was also the normalcy I needed after a hectic few weeks of graduation, moving, and being back home.

The pool at the program site was shut down today due to chlorine levels and the inability to keep those levels stable at the current moment. Between the Board of Health, the city, my supervisor, and my staff, I had a lot on my plate with it only being the second week of the program. No pool means no program, but I was able to quickly utilize my staff and get them to stay involved with the kids outside of the site. Luckily, the area we’re in is part of a park with a football/soccer field, basketball courts, and a full playground which meant that kids didn’t have to be sent home. We didn’t have a pool but we had a full staff and they have big hearts for these kids.

This is where my gratitude comes into play. I try to figure out a few things that I’m grateful for every day, but my staff are at the top of my list today. While my anxiety, and frustration, were giving me a migraine headache, they were able to be directed without hesitation and simply went with the flow. They didn’t mind when I didn’t have the answer they were looking for and were patient as things were figured out. By the end of the day, all but two of them stayed and were able to play and be active with the kids. They also wanted to be paid for the entire day but it was a blessing that the kids didn’t have to be sent home and that I have a staff willing to roll with things when they don’t go according to plan. There was one situation in which I should have used my head a bit more, but, hopefully, it doesn’t come back negatively. Being a first time supervisor in a ten week program means learning things quick and putting all my knowledge into play at once. I’m truly lucky to work with the individuals that I do though.

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