Inconsistently consistent . . . life happens

I may or may not have ran off to North Carolina for the weekend to enjoy my cousin’s graduation from high school and being in the same house as the majority of my family for four days. Beverages were consumed, runs were not completed, and heart-to-heart chats were had around a campfire. It was well worth missing the first two days of my summer job and spending the money that I did a.k.a not a successful way to live inexpensively after graduate school (as in: I probably didn’t need a new leather jacket but it was on clearance so it’s mine).

Z truck Cute dresses were worn, a F-150 was driven (it’s loaded with bells AND whistles), and there was a plethora of country music played (which is slowly, but surely, catching on to my music taste). 

Beverages were also had, in excess and celebration, but this brew, Red Oak, from Red Oak Brewery is one of the best that I’ve had recently. It’s brewed in North Carolina and is made with no preservatives! The shelf life is shorter because there are no preservatives, but it’s completely worth a taste for anyone in the North Carolina area.

red oaks

I also had the chance to meet one of my favorite people while in Bass Pro Shop.

duck dynasty

Or maybe just the cardboard cutout of Jase, of Duck Commander and Duck Dynasty, but who can pass up a chance with a bearded, southern man? There’s chivalry in that water!

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