Rain, rain, go away

Is anyone else dealing with the severe weather around here? I have absolutely nothing to complain about in the long run, but all the rain is cramping my running style. I feel very lethargic lately and I’m not a fan of it at all, especially since I’m planning on running a half marathon in July. It will be my third time running this route but it’s beautiful and flat . . . so I’m definitely not complaining.

Yesterday was the first carnie event of the season and I spent my day cooking and serving all the delicious food that is normally at fairs. The exception is cotton candy . . . maybe I’ll suggest that. We got hit hard at the end of the night with all the rain and the sky looked both terrifying and beautiful at the same time. I did what I do best which is take an obnoxious number of pictures of it as I love a good sky. My phone takes terrible pictures though so the quality is not up to par.

0601131917 0601131919a 0601132012 0601132016 0601132055

I also got to see a lot of these beauties at the event


I will always find horses to be majestic and magnificent.

Anyone celebrating National Running Day?! I can’t wait to lace up my Nikes and go for a run on June 5th in order to celebrate the sport.