Guess what time of year it is?!

It’s strawberry season in Pennsylvania!!

IMG_1262It’s only the beginning but it’s the beginning of one of my favorite seasons (next to Halloween and October in general). I’m ready to indulge myself in some delicious strawberries straight out of the garden while attempting to keep the dogs and chickens out of them. Really though, it’s difficult to say no to a face such as this a chicken’s.

Exhibit A:

farm girl_cropped

The July issue of Runner’s World is dedicated to the Boston Marathon and the bombing that happened this year. I will definitely be purchasing a copy to read and then save until I pass away and my future children are throwing away all of my possessions. My mom still has newspapers from when Princess Diana passed away, and I believe that I get the sentimental value from her as well as the importance of keeping printed media for a day when it may not exist any longer. The importance part of this is being a running, and part of the running community, this event struck me and was difficult because those runners are part of my community. I have never met better people than runners, and the city of Boston has shown its resiliency through this tragedy.

One Run for Boston is a non-stop relay race that will be taking place beginning June 7th, and runners will run day and night from California to Boston. The race takes place throughout fourteen states and will have over a 1,000 runners participating. It’s a great cause and should be checked out. A lot of the running portions have already been taken but there is an area to donate to the cause as well. It’s not always about donating; it’s about donating in a cause that you believe in. I believe in the resiliency and strength of runners anywhere as it has been proven time and time again. I’m proud to call myself a runner since I get to be a small part of a dynamic group of individuals.