So, I’m an adult now?

As soon as the paperwork is sent in, I will officially be a licensed social worker. Whoo! This means that I can focus on taking care of these little ladies:


and also continue the process of job hunting. Oh, job hunting. I have so much direction and so little direction, all at the same time. I have big ideas for what I’d like to do for the rest of my life and the population that I would like to work alongside. A lot of it is based on attaining a clinical license and have the capital to be able to farm and work with adolescents through services provided on the farm. I think there is nothing more rewarding than eating food that you grew or raised and believe that it is something adolescents could learn and gain from.

Does anyone else have terrible allergies? From being in Louisville, one of the worst cities for allergies, to moving back home, this season has been one of the worst for my allergies. Even though there is a lot of allergy medication that works wonders, I try to not relay on them. I do the same with headaches, knee and IT band pains, etc. I have always been a believer in trying natural medicines, holistic healing, and being having to not rely on modern medicine . . . even though it does work well. According to Mother Earth News, there are several methods of allergy relief that do not involve medication.

One of these methods is to eat foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids such as walnuts, grass-fed meat, and eggs. Also, according to a honey farmer that I spoke to often while in Slippery Rock, honey is a wonderful way of keeping seasonal allergies at bay. I always enjoyed speaking with this older gentleman as he had been making honey for years, and he was always full of information. I used to enjoy working at the farmer’s market for the community members that showed up to purchase produce and to speak with fellow vendors as they always had a story. This man was able to tell which honey was made from which flowers and would point out the changes in the seasons through his honey, and he also was able to look at the color of the honey and know which flowers the bees were pollinating. It was amazing. One of his best pieces of advice was to eat a tablespoon of honey a day in order to hold off seasonal allergies. I’ve never been a fan of honey, so that method lasted about three days for me. I might start it again as honey is known to have lots of other properties and having a natural remedy is better than the preservatives that are put into so much of today’s food and medicine. 


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