Stepping forward as a MSSW

cheesin Sun in my eyes but University of Louisville proud (photo credit to my brother).

If someone would have told me last Monday that I would be driving to Indiana directly after graduation for a second interview, I would have laughed. Except it’s true. It’s completely unreal that I have a Master’s degree. More so, it’s unreal that I have a second interview for a position tomorrow morning.

So, how does one live minimally and inexpensively after earning a Master’s degree? The answer is to not have a 9 hour drive home tomorrow in a 17 year old Blazer. Part of this blog journey (it is a journey, right? I will be successful at this, right?) is to figure out the best ways of dealing with massive student loans, new jobs and apartments, and figuring out how to do it inexpensively. First step is to stop my shopping addiction, mostly online window shopping that takes a turn for the worst as running shoes are one of my biggest loves. It’s also going to focus on managing money and being able to eat well, yet affordably, without caving into my love of Whole Foods or having to eat cereal every night.

Step one: Study for the CSW exam as a licensed social worker is a happy social worker. It’s going to be study smack-down once I’m home.

Step two: Run . . . then run some more. All while pinpointing and figuring out which muscle in my thigh is giving me issues. It’s time for long runs and figuring out/writing down my marathon training plan. Once I have a general idea of where I might be and which marathon to register for as my first.

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Licensed Social Worker. Runner. MSSW from the University of Louisville. Clinical therapist at a psychiatric residential treatment facility focusing on the treatment of juvenile sex offenders. Attempting to become domesticated, learn how to cook, and encompassing a passion for running, social work and the environment.