Tomorrow, tomorrow!

drake My companion for the last couple days.

Graduation is tomorrow! I have picked up my cap, gown, and hood and have everything needed to sit through the ceremony, including awkward bell sleeves on the gown that function well as a cell phone hideaway.

reserviorI ran at the Gatehouse and Reservoir this morning which was nothing short of a gorgeous view. The pump house is designed as a castle and there were geese and ducks paddling around the reservoir. The run itself was terrible due to a tight IT band. If I can wake up early tomorrow, and it’s not raining, I’ll head out there again before making myself presentable and adorning myself in heavy black material with a citron and red hood and say ‘see ya later’ to Louisville.

scenic ky

I also had an interview yesterday that took me through the most beautiful part of Kentucky. While I haven’t been able to do a lot of normal ‘touristy’ things while in Louisville but this drive made everything worth it. It was gorgeous and made my love of Kentucky that much stronger. Pennsylvania will always be my home but Kentucky has found a close place in my heart.

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