To blog or not to blog

That is honestly the question. When I began this short journey, not to say that it’s ending, I wanted a small spot of my own on the internet to express my own thoughts. I have been inspired by the blogs of many wonderful women and men who express their thoughts, life, turmoil, intense emotions, fashion, fitness and food on a daily, or almost daily, basis. I can only imagine the time that is put into their blogs in order to have the following that they do and create the friendships that they have. I guess part of me would like that sort of chance as well. If anything, it would be nice to have more friends that are into running =)

That’s not what it’s all about though and I think that once I am able to find a full time position, or even while I’m still searching, I’m going to take ‘the leap’ and truly put time and effort into this blog. I’m going to make it my own as much as I can because maybe, just maybe, there’s someone out there that will be aided by it. I know that a lot of my running inspiration and encouragement can be contributed to the blogs that I read daily. Running is one thing that I absolutely love, but, between college, graduate school and working, there is little time to put in honest effort and train the way that’s needed. I have run more in the past year than I did when first training for a half marathon. Since then, I have run two other half marathons on a combined three weeks worth of training, maybe, and recently completed the back to back half marathons in Louisville. I finally found my love for running again. I stepped outside this morning and ran to a local track for some speed work and it felt amazing. I dread speed work and, ultimately, ignore it until I can’t ignore it anymore. That wasn’t the case today and I was excited to incorporate a different workout into my running routine. Hopefully, I can keep it up and continue with speed work and full marathon training.

Here’s to the next step. I always talk about it but I’m going to make a honest try after graduation. There are a lot of things that need to be done in order for me to not fail miserably as an adult in the world. It’s all about the small steps. The steps that are taken when there is still an area to fall and have support to stand back up. I’ve always tried to be as independent as possible, it often gets the best of me, but there are definitely a few areas that need a lot of work. Here’s to graduation and being in the real world.

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Licensed Social Worker. Runner. MSSW from the University of Louisville. Clinical therapist at a psychiatric residential treatment facility focusing on the treatment of juvenile sex offenders. Attempting to become domesticated, learn how to cook, and encompassing a passion for running, social work and the environment.