Rest week?

Is it considered a rest week when I spend it chasing my niece around and playing? It probably is as I haven’t gone on a run since the race Sunday, but it doesn’t always feel like it since I feel busier than before. That’s what happens once school is over, life speeds up. More so because I am in this strange transitional period of graduating, job searching, and becoming an individual whom is no longer a full time student. It’s honestly unsettling as I have been a full time student for years and am not faced with the realities of adulthood. Such as student loans, finding a full time job that allows me to live in a sustainable way, and still enjoy my free time (self-care!) even if it means simply going outside. Part of the reason that I love running is being outside as it gives me time with my own mind and I’m not distracted by other aspects of my life. Or, if I am, then it gives me time to figure them out while being on the road and otherwise not distracted.

Most people enjoy running with others but I’m very much an isolated runner. I’m around people most of the time and have always seen the importance of spending time by myself, even if for a few moments. Those miles on the road give me the time I need to be by myself. It’s precious, those moments, and I hate to take them for granted. Here’s to a few more miles on the road. Hopefully, it’s not raining tomorrow.

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