33 miles of glory

I ran back to back half marathons this weekend and, on top of it, the boyfriend and I walked to and from the first half marathon since I lived close to the start/finish line. Well, 3 or 3.5 miles close. So, it was close to a 33 mile weekend for me which is more miles than I’ve ever put in . . . ever. I would completely do it again though and in a heart beat because it was some of the best times that I’ve had running, and I can thank the camaraderie that runners have with each other.

My legs are sore. My feet are killing me. I almost lose a toenail and had blisters that popped and were bleeding. My legs are cut up from falling on the trails. I’ve been covered in blood, sweat, and mud more than I could have imagined. The mud was so bad on the trails that my shoes could barely find traction. I never thought it would be possible to run two half marathons in two days but it ended up being completely possible. When I woke up this morning, my legs were hurting and I thought that I wouldn’t be able to finish the run today. It’s amazing how easy my legs were able to bounce back though after not having a run of more than 10 miles before yesterday.

My times weren’t great, but they never are with me. I don’t try too hard to PR because it usually ends up with an injury. I completed yesterday’s half marathon in 2:36 and today’s in 3:09. While they aren’t my best times, I am very proud of myself for pushing myself and being able to complete both races. I met lots of runners today, one that was at the Boston Marathon this year, and was able to connect and speak with them. It was nice to stick with two of them through the run and be able to hear their race stories as well as get information and suggestions for my own future runs and training. The best way to learn about running is to speak to other runners. It’s my favorite community.

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