10 miles later

I raced a 10 miler this morning on the beautiful, and much hillier than it seems, streets of Louisville. It was a great morning for a run, not too hot and not too cold, but the hills got the better of me. Okay okay, I probably could have handled the hills by my nausea got the best of me. Right before mile 3, I had the overwhelming feeling of nausea that lasted for the majority of the race and oddly worsened whenever I was running uphill. This caused many unplanned walks, which were much longer than they should have been, and I ended up finishing in 1:55:08 according to my GPS watch. I haven’t checked out the official times yet.

In three weeks, it’s half marathon weekend. Yes, I said that correctly, weekend. A classmate in my cohort gifted me her registration, she’s going to do my volunteering, since she still cannot run. Then I, being the ever so bright woman that I am, decided it would be a good idea to run a trail half marathon the day after because I like trails, challenges, and the medals look sweet. So, it’s going to be a test of endurance and my training, which means that it’s a good thing classes are over soon. I can really pick things up with longer runs as well as back to back runs in order to run 26.2 miles in a weekend, rather than a day. Maybe I can run my first marathon sometime next spring. It would be something to plan and look forward to anyways.

I would ask for advice, but I don’t believe that anyone reads this especially since I’m not as serious as I should be about it. However, it works for me. Someday I’ll have readers 🙂

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