Graduation State of Mind

It’s that time in every graduate student’s life where I would rather run 26.2 miles than write the paper that is due on Thursday. Three more weeks, three more weeks.

Tomorrow has a busy schedule of being at my internship, getting in a decent run since it’s crunch time for training, and attending a probate. One of the main reasons that I’m ready to graduate is so that I can stop making excuses for not running and can actually train on a normal basis. Running is the one thing I do where I can clear my mind and just figure out life, whether it be that hour, day, month, or five years into my future. I’ve missed it this year as I get into a groove and then school begins to pile on work, that was all written down in the syllabus, and my runs turn into homework sessions. While it’s good for my knees, it’s bad for my mental state.

Once I have completed everything, I’m going to take a better look at this whole blog process and work it out so that it looks nicer and is more reader friendly. I would like to gain readers someday, but, until then, I will continue to let this work as it naturally flows and see what happens. Sound good?

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Licensed Social Worker. Runner. MSSW from the University of Louisville. Clinical therapist at a psychiatric residential treatment facility focusing on the treatment of juvenile sex offenders. Attempting to become domesticated, learn how to cook, and encompassing a passion for running, social work and the environment.