Three Weeks Left

I have already not been consistent but I will work on getting better at it, promise. After not seeing my boyfriend since winter break, he came down for a visit and we spent the weekend celebrating our anniversary, shopping, and hanging out. That also included the fact that I attended nine hours worth of class on Friday . . . I still am not sure why that was such a  good idea last November when I was registering. It was a wonderful time though, a short break from reality. Now, it’s back to reality though which is coursework and March Madness. Go Cards!

There are three weeks left until graduation which is completely UNREAL. Never in my life did I think that I would have good enough grades to make it into graduate school, and I will be graduating in three weeks with a very high GPA. Only having three weeks left also means that there are a lot of projects that need completed and they’re all due relatively within the same time frame of each other. Everything always seems spaced out in the beginning of the semester until it so happens, as in the lives of grad students, that the amount of reading and work to complete seems as if you’re stepping towards impending doom. So, you procrastinate. At least until the week before it’s due but sometimes until a few days before it’s due because there is so much more than also needs done. At the moment, my most daunting task is my Psychopathology paper and the over 200 pages that I need to read for the course.

Then on top of everything else, if the coursework wasn’t nearly enough, there is studying for the licensing exam and applying for employment. While it is hard to believe that I will hold a Master’s degree soon, it’s even harder to imagine myself as anything other than a student. I will no longer be in school, but I will always be learning. I will be in the working world where mistakes are consequential and I won’t have a supervisor to ask questions of before making a major decision. That’s all right though because I am young and am young for an individual who has a Master’s degree. It’s completely worth it as well. All of the stress, anxiety, tears, and anger that have come out of this year have been outweighed by the amount of joy, compassion, and completion that I have felt. It’s amazing to see where I began this journey as an individual and where I am ending, and I can see that change within myself. I definitely had a lot of challenges that I faced and had a reality check or two but I’m better because of them. I know that I’m truly capable of anything now.

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